5 Best Hair Extension Application Systems


5 Best Hair Extension Application Systems

If you’ve ever wondered how your favourite celebrity goes from short hair to long, thick sexy hair within months, the answer is hair extensions.

Hair extensions have become more popular than ever and they are now very sophisticated. In the past, hair extensions had a really bad reputation. There are many stories of hair extensions damaging and breaking the natural hair. And hair extensions “tangling up”,  requiring them to be cut out. Hair extensions now have high standards with new technology on the application systems to prevent any type of damage.

Hair Extension Application System #1 – Keratin Bonds

Edit Post ‹ Detail Woman — WordPress.htmlKeratin polymers are applied to the tip of each strand of the hair extension. The superior systems use ultrasonic to bond the tip to the natural hair near the scalp, with no heat being transferred. The keratin bonds are small and discrete so they are virtually invisible. You can brush your hair without even noticing them. You can pull your hair up in a pony without anyone seeing the bonds. Keratin bonds simulate natural hair, so it expands and contracts when you wash and dry your hair. This also prevents slippage so you do not need to take them out and move the hair for 5-6 months.


Benefits: Invisible bonds, no slippage, no maintenance for 4-5 months, suitable for hair types, virtually weightless

Disadvantages: New extension required after 4-5 months, takes 2-3 hours to apply


Hair Extension Application System #2 – Copper Bells or Micro-beads

Copper bell hair extensionsThis system uses small bell-shaped copper or metallic beads to secure the hair extension to the natural hair. There is a small amount of friction on this type of extension and is only suitable for healthy to strong hair. The copper bells need to be moved every 8 weeks. There is a cost each time you move the hair extensions. The main benefit is this system allows you to reuse the hair for up to 12 months, and takes just 2 hours to apply.


Benefits: Reusable for up to 12 months, applied in 2 hours

Disadvantages: Suitable for healthy hair only, need to be moved every 8 weeks, heating from blow dry can damage the natural hair causing damage


Hair Extension Application System #3 – Tape

Tape hair extensionsTape is the newest application system, and is fast becoming the most popular option. Polyurethane tape is used to “sandwich” the hair extension to the natural hair. This system needs to be moved every 6 weeks. There is a cost each time you move the hair extensions. You can reuse the hair extensions for up to 6 months. This type of hair extension is perfect for anyone wanting to experience hair extensions for the first time because it is very quick and represents excellent value for money.


Benefits: Quick application, low initial cost, suitable for all hair types, reusable for 6 months

Disadvantage: Bonds are visible when hair is tied up, needs to be moved every 6 months


Hair Extension Application System #4 – Wefts


Weft hair extensions

This is one of the original methods of hair extension application. First the natural hair is braided in to cornrows then the weft is sewed onto the braids. The hair has been bonded or weaved on the wide pieces of weft.


Benefits: Secure application system, looks natural, reusable hair for 12 months

Disadvantages: Headaches can occur if the braids are too tight, if the braids are not tight enough the weft will work loose,  heavy weight mean these aren’t suitable hair extensions for thin hair, hair can become matted if not maintained, needs to be moved every 6 weeks


Hair Extension Application System #5 – Clip-Ins

Showpony clip-in hair extensionsWith this system, the hair is bonded onto wefts and clips are factory-glued onto the weft. This type of application method is DIY and is for temporary use. The best clip-in hair extensions may cost a little more, but will still be cheaper than paying for a stylist to apply them.


Benefits: No damage to natural hair, cost effective as no need for stylist

Disadvantages: Not natural, not secure, can’t put in pony tail or up-style

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