When you want to quickly add length and volume to your hair, hair extensions are an exciting, life-changing (and painless!) option. Hair extensions have grown in popularity in recent years because they allow you to overcome the limitations of your natural locks, and finally enjoy the style of hair you've only dreamed of.

When applied by our experts at DETAIL WOMAN, the results of your hair extensions will be as stunning as they are transforming - in just a few hours, you'll walk out of our salon with your head held a little bit higher, thanks to the confidence of thicker, longer, sexier hair!

DETAIL WOMAN offers a full range of hair extension application systems:

  • Keratin Bond- Great Lengths
  • Copper bells- Perfect Hair
  • Tape- Seamless1
  • Clip In- Showpony Professional
Great Lengths Hair Extensions
Showpony hair extensions

What are the differences between application systems?

Great Lengths uses synthesised keratin bonds polymer applied to the tip of the hair extension. Each strand of extension is bonded to the group of natural hair with the GL 5000 Ultrasonic system. Keratin bonds are very small and discrete, making the hair extension undetectable. This system is strand-by-strand so the results look natural - you can brush your hair without feeling them, or even put your hair up in a pony tail without anyone noticing the bonds.

Ultrasonic means no heat is transferred to the hair extension or your own natural hair. This technology is the most superior method of application available. The synthesised keratin bond polymer molecule is designed to simulate human hair to expand and contract when you wash and dry the hair. This prevents slippage and means you can keep the hair extension in your hair for 4 to 5 months without having to move them. Great lengths is the only company that sources and processes the hair extension from the beginning to the end. Click here to read Great Lengths' extensive explanation of their points of difference.

  • Invisible bonds
  • Strand by Strand to give natural appearance
  • Gentle bonds cause no hair damage
  • No heat on application
  • Real human hair
  • Remy hair
  • Virgin hair
  • Double drawn
  • Ethically sourced
  • Eco friendly colour process
Great Lengths install

Perfect Hair uses the smallest copper bell on the market and creates discrete bonds. If you want Russian-quality hair then Perfect Hair offers this rare advantage. Russian hair is the finest on the market. The other great difference offered by Perfect Hair is that they're reusable - you can take them out to move them up, once your hair grows out. This system is strand-by-strand so the results are natural, in fact you can brush your hair without even feeling it.

  • Discrete bonds
  • Strand by Strand to give natural appearance
  • No heat on application
  • Reusable
  • Real human hair
  • Russian and European hair
  • Remy hair
  • Able to colour
Copper bell hair extensions

Seamless1 uses a tape system. This new type of system uses polyurethane tape to "sandwich" the hair extension to the natural hair. This method is reusable and application is fast. Seamless1 uses both Indian remy hair or for the best results virgin hair.

  • No heat on application
  • Reusable
  • Real human Indian hair
  • Easily affordable and incredible value
  • Fast application and available on the same day

Showpony Professional clip-ins are a great temporary hair extension system for the day. This allows the versatility of adding some volume or length for a particular event, without the normal commitment of hair extensions. As with the tape and skin-weft system, Showpony Professional clip-in extensions are made from a combination of  a European (20%) and Indian (80%) human hair. The result offers the best of both worlds - softness (European) and strength (Indian). Showpony Professional use a unique 2 tone colour to give a natural appearance.

  • No heat on application
  • Reusable
  • DIY application and removal
  • Real human hair
  • European hair
Tape hair extensions installed
Tape hair extensions installed

Hair Extension Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remy Hair?

Organic damage free bondsRemy hair is the method of collection meaning the hair is cut in a pony aligned in the same direction so it is cuticle correct. Care during collection is taken to ensure strands are not mixed up, this prevents tangling and matting when brushing so the hair stays smooth and lasts longer. Cheaper hair extensions are not Remy rated as they are collected from salon floors and brushes then later sorted in factories. Non Remy rated hair will look good the first day of application but after a few weeks the hair will tangle and be hard to style.

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair refers to hair that has not been processed by bleach or other chemical. This is considered the highest quality hair as it is hypo-allergenic and produced in low volume. Most hair extensions even expensive ones can't claim Virgin as they use some sort of bleach to strip colour to manufacture the required colour. The better brands do this carefully to limit the damage. Great Lengths is the only hair extension manufacturer that soaks the hair in osmosis baths for up to 25 days to remove the pigment gently. This de-pigmentation system removes the colour without compromising the condition of the hair. Great length can officially be called virgin hair.

What are Ethically-Sourced Hair Extensions?

Hindu temples have received donated hair from worshippers daily for centuries. In the past the hair was used for filters in oil filters or mattresses. Since the demand of hair extensions have increased, the temples auction the hair for between $100-$400 to hair extension manufacturers. Some money is used by the temple for the upkeep of the temple and workers with the rest used to take care of the poor providing food, shelter and medical needs in the communities. Great Lengths hair is 100% traceable ethically sourced.


How Do Hair Extensions Get Coloured?

Natural depigmentationHair extensions come in all shades of colour so the collected hair needs to be de-pigmented and re-coloured to meet the demands of the consumer. Russian hair don't need much processing to achieve the required shade of blonde. Indian and Chinese hair are good for dark shades. However, hair extension manufactures that collect the hair from Indian, Chinese or South American sources need to process the hair much more to achieve lighter colours. Excessive bleaching will compromise the condition of the hair.

Great Lengths uses a unique osmosis bath where the black Indian hair is placed in bath of water for 10-25 days gently lifting the pigment to achieve the lightest shade of blonde. This removes the pigment without changing the hair condition. As well the traditional bleaching process removes pigment but the bleach takes up the space left by the pigment being removed. Unlike bleaching, Great Length's process inserts the colour pigment into in the empty hair shaft space. This means the colour doesn't fade and the colour is also more vibrant.

Cheap Hair Extensions- Are They Worth It?

Fake Hair: When it comes to hair extensions you really get what you pay for. Legally, operators can claim 100% human hair even when the hair is less than 80% human hair. The rest can be made up of synthetic, horse, yak or goat hair. To make these hair extensions present well, the manufacturers dip them in silicon so they feel smooth. After a few shampoos however this coating is washed off and then the extensions may become tangled and matted.

Not Remy: Cheaper hair extensions will not be Remy hair. This also means after a few washes and brushes they become tangled as the misaligned cuticles rub against each other.

Harsh Bleaching: The way the hair extensions are coloured is a very important factor. This is especially important for blondes, because the hair shaft needs to be stripped of its pigment with bleach before infusing new pigment in the hair. This process is very damaging if the hair is dark and they will perform this process in multiple times until the pigment is removed. If you have experience in bleaching dark hair, you can't do this in 1 step. If you do, the cuticle is damaged beyond repair and after a few washes the colour will fade. This hair is dipped in silicon as well to give the appearance of healthy hair.

Damaging Application Method: Cheap operators use application methods that can damage your natural hair. Buying cheap hair extension to cover breakage or to have long hair until your natural hair grows out is not a solution. So the $300-400 set of hair extensions may a last few weeks to 1 month if you're lucky. By then the hair extension colour has faded and the hair is looking tangled and matted.

Choose Quality: Compare this to spending $1500-$1600 on a high quality set of Great Lengths or Perfect Hair that lasts 4-6 months. In the long run you actually spend less and you get the best hair extensions on the market. With the option of Seamless1 tape is you can now thicken your hair from as low as $199 for 1 pack or for a total transformation you can choose to spend $597 for 3 packs. This way you can still have the best quality hair guaranteed.

Why Choose Detail Woman For Your Hair Extensions?

The first reason is because Detail Woman gives you a guarantee on all 3 brands of hair extensions. Great Lengths, Perfect Hair and Seamless1 are reputable companies that back the quality of their hair with replacement guarantees. That is why Detail Woman chooses these 3 suppliers.

Detail Woman further guarantees the application of the hair extensions. Our reputation as a premium salon mean we have highly train and skilled certified stylists to apply your hair extensions.

We offer a comprehensive individualised consultation to identify your needs before we recommend the brand that suits your needs. We are one of a very few Sydney hair salons that have a access to 3 of the industry's best hair extensions systems so we can recommend the best system for your specific requirements - rather than just promote the same system to every customer. This means you have the confidence of getting a hair extension solution that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Hair Extension Price List

Great Lengths Keratin Bonds - Senior Stylist

 Single Strand
Senior Stylist
(20 Strands)
1/2 Head
(60 Strands)
Full Transformation
(100 Strands)
Removal per hour100

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Great Lengths hair extensions Sydney

Seamless1 Tape Hair Extensions

Remy Per Pack199
Virgin Per Pack249
Retape Per Pack150
Removal per 1/2 hour50

  • 1 pack for thickening or 3-4 pack for total transformation
  • Come in for a free consultation
  • Same day application after consultation
Showpony hair extensions Sydney

Perfect Hair Copper Bell - Senior Stylist

Full Head= 100 Strands1599
¾ Head= 80 Strands1280
½ Head= 60 Strands960
¼ Head= 40 Strands640
Re-tip per strand5.50
Install/ Removal per hour100

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  • Free Consultation
  • Pricing is a guide only. Actual number of strands to be agreed upon during consultation
  • 50% deposit after consultation required to order hair extensions
  • No show on appointment or less than 24 hour notice on cancellation will incur lost of the deposit

Before and After

Hair extensions before & after
Sydney hair extensions before & after