Why Indian Hair is Best for Hair Extensions


Why Indian Hair is Best for Hair Extensions

Why is Indian Hair Most Suitable for Hair Extensions?

There are numerous opinions on which country the best hair is from that is suitable for hair extensions for use in Australia. Here are some facts for you to consider, so you can decide for
yourself what origin of hair you would like for your hair extensions… based on your ethic background.

Different Sources of Hair Extensions

Chinese Hair

The structure of the hair is not suitable for hair extensions for Caucasian clients. Chinese hair is round in shape and very straight. This means it is very hard to blend this to Caucasian clients and maintaining a natural look is difficult. Chinese hair is very strong, with double the amount of cuticles and this is why they are used for high end wigs.

Wigs are dry clean only, so the silicon which is used to coat the hair is maintained better.

South American

The South American population has a majority of wavy or curly hair due to the African gene mixed into the population. The hair shape is elliptical which gives the curly look. Hair extensions from this region are not compatible for Caucasian clients, but are perfect for South American or African clients.

European or Russian Hair

European hair is not really available due to western European countries not donating hair, and a lack of need for them to sell their hair. Russian hair is rare and expensive due to the small supply.  Russian hair is very fine and requires almost double the amount to give the same volume.

Due to the delicate nature of Russian hair it is more fragile and does not last as long as other hair extensions. More care is required and the colour range is really only suitable for blondes. Colour matching also requires bleaching and re-colouring, which also can reduce the strength of an already delicate hair.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is structured very similar to Caucasian hair. The hair is almost as strong as Asian hair but has a softer feel. This is a very unique characteristic. This means for Caucasian clients the Indian hair extensions blend very naturally and the strength means it can last up to 24 months. Another advantage is that Indians do not have a culture of chemically lightening their hair. This means virgin untreated hair.

Ethically Sourced Hair

Our western society is now becoming more aware about sustainability and ethical sourcing. We are becoming more responsible with understanding that the hair extension used is not causing harm to others. The only country that has tradition of hair donation is India. The Hindu religion has a tradition of women shaving their at the temples as a sign of letting go of the ego.

In the past, the hair was use by companies to make mattresses or used in oil filters. There was no money exchanged for these uses. Now there is a commercial value for the hair, and it is sold to companies to be turned into hair extensions for western customers. The temple receive a fair price (between $100-$400 per kilo) for the hair. This money is to in turn used for the upkeep of the temple and for the community.

Remy Quality

The term “remy hair” simply means the hair is all facing the same direction. This is very important for quality hair extensions, because it ensures the hair will not tangle when you brush the hair extensions; it also guarantees long term maintenance. Non-remy hair is acid treated to remove the cuticles and then coated with silicon to give a temporary shine and smooth feel. This coating  normally comes off after a few washes and the damage state is revealed.

Virgin Hair

“Virgin hair” means the hair hasn’t ever been chemically treated (for example, colouring the hair). South American and European have a fashion-conscious tradition of changing hair colour. Indian culture doesn’t have this culture. This makes Indian hair the most likely source of virgin hair.

Cheap Hair Extensions

Cheap hair extensions are very tempting, but you get what you pay for. Normally, cheap extensions are collected from brushes and placed into bags for collection. A machine is used to sort the hair. This process pulls and then straightens the hair, damaging the hair… and the direction of the hair is not maintained. This type of hair is acid treated then coated with silicon.

These hair extensions may look good the first day you install them. However, after a few washes the hair reveals its damaged state. If you are fortunate, you can remove the hair – but if you are unlucky, the hair will tangle in your natural hair and you’ll need the extensions to be cut out.

Choosing a quality hair extension is a guarantee to have a product that you can maintain, which will last up to 24 months.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Detail Woman is an ambassador salon for Great Lengths. Great lengths hair is Indian, ethically sourced, remy and virgin. The company also uses a unique water bath to depigment the colour. This method is the safest way to completely remove the pigment, ready to accept the new colour.

This means the hair texture or strength is unaffected. Another advantage of this system is that when the hair shaft is completely empty of pigment, the new pigment can be inserted into the empty shaft – meaning the colour will not fade. The colour of the hair extensions is more stable than your natural hair after getting coloured.

Great Lengths uses a keratin bond that is compatible to the molecular structure of the human hair. This means the bond will expand and contract with your own hair. And it means the secure bond will not damage your natural hair. This is a major advantage, because other forms of bonds create mechanical friction and weaken the natural hair. This will break the hair over time and ruin your hair after the hair extension is taken out.

Largest Range of Hair Extensions

Choosing the same origin of hair extension as your ethic background can help the hair extensions to achieve a natural look. However, if you can’t do that, Indian hair is the most versatile hair that every woman can use to achieve a natural look. Detail Woman have a range of reputable hair extension brands to suit all budgets.

List of Hair Extensions

  • Great Lengths
  • Seamless1
  • Perfect Hair

With the largest range in Sydney and with a complete range of bond methods, Detail Woman should be your first choice when considering your investment in hair extensions. Let one of our expert stylists at Detail Woman assess your hair extension needs, and recommend the system that is best suited to you.

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