Keratin Treatment: Know Your Various Straightening Options


There are a lot of Keratin treatments available for women who would like to keep their hair manageable while also retaining volume. The thing with other straightening options is that they tend to leave your hair too flat and lifeless. Keratin treatments still retain enough lift to give your hair vitality. However, even with keratin treatments, there are variations. Below are four basic keratin treatments and what they can do for your hair:

Various keratin straightening optionsBrazilian Keratin treatment

This treatment allows your hair to be voluminous and tangle-free. You won’t have to blow dry your hair after taking a bath just to get back those perfect waves and curls. This treatment is ideal for those who have naturally curly hair that is bound to get frizzy in humid weather. The procedure takes about an hour, and the stylist will use a round brush with a metal plate to blow dry and retain volume, as well as a flat iron to help the keratin treatment seal in. Aside from the aesthetic advantages of this treatment, your hair will also be healthier as the keratin treatment contains coconut butter and essential oils. Another advantage of having this treatment is that you can wash your hair on the same day you have had the treatment done because the treatment acts fast, unlike rebonding treatments. You can have this done every three to six months depending on the longevity of the effects.

Soft Keratin treatment

This is similar to the Brazillian keratin treatment, but it works best for fine to medium volume hair. Just like the Brazillian keratin treatment, the stylist will use a metal plate brush and a blow dryer to define the curls and waves of your hair after the application of the treatment. Then, a flat iron will be used to seal in the effects of your keratin treatment. The only difference is that the effects usually only last for about two months. The process is slightly faster, though.

Japzilian Keratin treatment

This is a straightening process that is longer lasting that the original Japanese straightening. It is also safer for your hair as the keratin has deep conditioning effects. After washing your hair, you won’t have to use a flat iron to straighten it because this treatment allows for a wash-and-wear convenience. The results can last for up to 11 months, depending on how well the treatment was applied. The process is also long, though, so this is something you must prepare for if you are having this done. The treatment is combed through the hair twice before being blow dried, sealed, and blow dried again. This process lasts for about three to four hours, depending on how thick your hair is.

Express Keratin treatment

This is a quick fix to hair that becomes frizzy due to weather, and it’s perfect for those who frequently want to change their hair styles. The other keratin straightening have long lasting effects, so re-curling temporarily after a straightening process or vice versa will be more difficult. This express, 45-minute treatment is similar to hot oil, but with better and healthier results. The shine and manageability of your hair can last for up to six weeks as long as you only shampoo every other day with a product that does not contain sulfate.

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