DETAIL WOMAN has created a sanctuary in the heart of Sydney CBD. A perfect place specifically design for a woman to feel relaxed and at home with a full range of services to make herself feel and look beautiful. DETAIL WOMAN stocks the widest range of the best products around the world to ensure you can look after your hair and skin at home.


Our customers are often pleasantly surprised by the quality of the equipment we use in our medi spa / skin clinic. We use state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation technology - the Syneron eTwo fractionated RF skin rejuvenation system.

Having six private treatment rooms allows DETAIL WOMAN to serve more customers simultaneously than many other medi-spas in Sydney. We find our customers appreciate the seclusion provided by these treatment rooms.

We have recently added tattoo removal to our services menu. This required us to invest in a leading tattoo removal system, called Candela AlexTriVantage.

To deliver our tattoo removal service, we have:

  • 6 treatments rooms
  • 2 laser treatment rooms
  • Candela AlexTriVantage laser tattoo removal system
  • Syneron eTwo fractionated RF skin rejuvenation system


The DETAIL WOMAN salon features 20 deluxe cutting stations, offering a comfortable and relaxing experience while the team perform their hairdressing and styling services. Our chairs are designed to provide a high level of comfort, even for hair services which require a longer session in at the cutting station.

Our three premium shampoo basins provide some of the most modern features and comforts available. Their superior quality results in a more pleasant hair washing experience for our customers.

  • 20 deluxe cutting stations
  • 3 premium shampoo basins


For our spray tanning services, DETAIL WOMAN use a superior-grade spray gun which delivers the an ultra-fine mist. A key benefit of this high quality spray gun is it produces an even coverage and quick drying. As a result, we are able to provide spray tans which are consistent, natural, flawless and healthy, lasting up to one week.

Our day spa equipment also includes an elegant pedicure station, providing the perfect place for a woman to unwind while her feet and nails are professionally treated.

For customers seeking our other day spa services (such as eyelash extensions or eyelash tinting, facials and pedicures) we use luxurious and spacious stations, to maximise their comfort and promote relaxation. 

  •  Pedicure station
  • Advanced spray-tan gun

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